Hailing from the quiet northwoods of rural Wisconsin, Forest and Shanna have been married since 2002.

Sharing a passion for all things rugged and outdoors, we have grown from knife and firearms enthusiasts and collectors to merchants of our favorite wares. Starting out selling holsters and concealment accessories, we have branched into offering many self defense and sporting related products. We sell things that we like, and if a product isn’t up to our own personal standards, it will not continue to be offered by us.

Through the years of buying and selling, we have met many great people and found many awesome items.

Together we have one son who is following in our foot steps and loves the outdoors, the shooting sports, and caring for his little flock of goats.

As two of the first Wisconsin concealed carriers, we have always had a keen interest in personal safety and the fine art of self defense.

When we are not vending at local shows or at our other jobs, we enjoy traveling, hunting, shooting sports, hiking, geocaching, and spending time together as a family.

As a small family business, we appreciate your patronage and hope that you have an enjoyable experience here with us.

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